Partnering is integral to Miravo’s growth and success


We are actively seeking commercial-stage or near-market inbound opportunities (acquisitions & in-licensing) and strategic partners who can introduce our portfolio of products to new markets across the globe (out-licensing).

Growing Our Portfolio (Acquisition/In-Licensing)

In the past, Miravo leveraged a successful R&D and partnering platform in order to internally develop assets and bring them to markets across the world through a network of strategic partners. We continue to have an active out-licensing program for all of our products and we are looking to acquire or in-license strategic assets.

Ideal Criteria for In-Bound Opportunities

  • Brand-name growth (late-Phase 3 minimum) or legacy assets
  • Strong IP, brand equity, or other barriers to entry
  • Rx products
  • Canadian opportunities where we can leverage our strong management expertise, knowledge of the market, and manufacturing capabilities OR global opportunities where we can additionally leverage our partner network

Reaching New Markets (Out-Licensing)

Over the years, Miravo has developed a strong network of strategic partners who have introduced our products to patients in new markets across the globe. We continue to seek new collaborations in available markets for Suvexx, Resultz, Yosprala, Pennsaid 2%, Pennsaid and the Heated Lidocaine/Tetracaine Patch. Hover over the map to see available markets for these products.

Contact Information

For out-licensing opportunities,
please contact Gary McCloskey at:

For in-licensing and M&A opportunities,
please contact Pete Ecclestone at:

Pennsaid 2%
Out-Licensing Opportunities

Leveraging our Manufacturing Plant (Contract Manufacturing)

We are interested in exploring opportunities to leverage some of the reserve capacity at the plant through contract manufacturing. Please contact us if our plant might meet your needs.


  • 26,000 sq. ft. facility
  • GMP Compliant (FDA/Health Canada/EMA/MHRA)
  • Specialization in non-sterile, non-hormonal, non-steroidal, semi-solids (liquids, gels, creams)
  • Primary packaging includes sachets, tubes, and bottles (3 separate production lines)
  • Services include Manufacturing, Packaging, Quality Assurance, Validation, Quality Control (including a Microbiology Laboratory), R&D, Logistics, and Strategic Sourcing

Contact Information

For any Contract Manufacturing related inquiries,
please contact: